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 Organisations, Teams & Coaching

Leading & Working: Unplugged and Connected.

The complexity and pace of today's digital business environment has created a significant challenge for organisations and their leaders. Some businesses are immersed in the pace and excitement of technology with challenges around growth, constant innovation and globalisation. Others have survived multiple restructures with a continuing focus on performance and efficiency with technology driving the transformation.  In either case, their leaders face challenges they once thought unthinkable, struggle to maintain and build the trust and engagement of their teams to leverage the real advances of the leaner work practices and workplace stress is rising.

The DDP can help businesses, leaders and teams with:

  • Healthy Workplace, Performance Optimisation reviews

  • Workshops & Key Notes include: 

  1.  Focus & Performance in the Age of Digital Distraction

  2.  Racial Resilience: Preparing for the Unthinkable

  3.  Real Time Connections in a Virtual Environment

  4.  Step Out from Behind Your Device and Lead.

  • Retreats  - For potential leaders, high-performing  teams, women in leadership or strategy days - off the grid!

Growth and Connection

Do you have a team who work in the digital game but find themselves getting too much of a 'good" thing?  Maybe you have a group who would just love to know how to “create more space” in their heads, work or life. Then a mini, midi or maxi Digital Detox could be perfect for them! We believe that removed from the distractions of email, phone calls, texts and social media we can create the space to breathe and explore new perspectives on the world, each other and ourselves. 

Check out our Detox menu and see if there is something right for you or if you would like us to tailor a workshop, yoga session or mindfulness intensive for your conference or event.

Sustaining Change through One on One Support

Making and sustaining personal change can be hard!  Your brains are hard wired to resist and our hectic routines can make it all too complicated. At the DDP we know that coaching can increase your ability to achieve whatever productivity, well-being or social awareness challenge you have and integrate these changes back into your day to day life and work.  This process of one-one coaching can be part of a 3, 6, or 12 session program following an intensive, workshop, or retreat or a stand-alone program for individuals or organisations who wish to stop burnout, build resilience and increase job satisfaction. 

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