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About The Digital Detox Project

Swept up in our roles as corporate employees, business owners and parents, in 2016 Sharon Harvey and I discovered that we needed to STOP, breathe, notice, reflect and make a conscience choice as to how we wanted to live our lives, connect with our families and run our businesses. In today’s technologically driven, stressed, distracting and rapidly changing world, The Digital Detox Project enabled us to share  pragmatic and empowering ways to stay calm, get focused and build real relationships in our 24/7 environment. Sharon is currently taking a break from the project to build her successful Yoga Elixir business and support her beautiful young family.

Elizabeth Hughes
Founder, Mindful Mentor & Executive Coach

Throughout my career and more acutely since the GFC, I have noticed the impact of technology and commercial pressure on the people in our workplaces and communities.  My hope for the DDP is to inspire all to create space in and away from the everyday.  This space and reclamation of time and focus will empower us all to respond courageously to today’s challenges with hope and purpose enabling us to use our technology to empower and not enslave us.

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