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  Digital Wellness Practice

 Mindfulness Workshops for Digital Wellness


Meditation is no longer just the domain of 1970 hippies and incense burning yogis (as much as we are yogi’s). Top 50 corporate businesses like Google, Telstra and SAP are embracing and applying the knowledge and the science behind so-called new-age practices to how their executives work.

Meditation itself is fast becoming acknowledged as a preventative and therapeutic practice in relation to stress and anxiety. However, working and living with mindfulness and fostering your mediation practice requires knowledge and support. We'll work with you to develop mindfulness skills by creating supportive and experiential environments in which you can discover what best works for you, your passions and lifestyle.  And the result? Creating conscious choices, easefulness, agile thinking and energy for what's really important in today’s digital world.

We offer a range of Mindfulness and Meditation workshops, courses and one-off intensive sessions. 

Mindful Movement - Yoga for Everyone


We have been doing yoga since we were babies, from the cat stretch that strengthens the spine, to rolling about in twists, that aids digestion. We lose agility as we grow up, conforming to the restricted movements of adulthood.  

Yoga brings us back; It is the art of waking up. We learn to breathe, breathe deeply, in a way that cleanses the body.  We align, strengthen and build sequential flexibility in the body - and - in the mind.

Yoga teaches us to get out of our heads and into our bodies. We stretch not only the body but also the mind, as we move outside of our comfort zone, a little more each time.  We learn to focus and gradually notice our thoughts which brings us into the present moment, creating space and providing clarity. Gradually we gain self-awareness.

Yoga can improve the quality of life for everyone from those sitting in an office all day to professional athletes, for those seeking weight loss to those seeking inner peace.

We offer individual and group yoga classes as one-off introductory sessions, casual classes or four, six or eight week courses.

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