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Get off your phone! Do you need a Digital Detox?

Have you been out for a meal lately and noticed couples, parents and kids paying more attention to their phones than each other?

I was at a fabulous new Brisbane restaurant last night and watched in fascination at a young couple scroll more than speak. If they spoke, it was to share something on their phone.

I went to an incredible concert a few weeks ago - an amazing quite emotive concert - and watched more people filming than experiencing. Were they going home to watch the concert on a small screen? There is no way you can truly lose yourself in the music if your brain is trying to focus and frame the shot. I know - I tried. Why? To share, to boast, to prove I go out (occasionally) and am still cool (sometimes)'s nuts!

Get Off Your Phone!!!!

Recently a daycare centre in Houston wrote a notice to parents telling them to get off their phones because it was negatively affecting the lives of their children – it went viral. The irony!

It's so hard not be be distracted all day, it's like a constant poke on the shoulder; news alert! shopping alert! email alert! friend alert! time to go here! time to do that! time to check in on the complete stranger I'm following on instagram!

The world has gone crazy and I am going cray cray with it!

As adults, parents and employees many of us rely on technology to run our busy lives and at times our use of technology can get the better of us. As we grapple with our own problematic use of technology and 24/7 connection, we watch our children's fascination with digital devices and, at times, obsession with games, social media, apps & selfies.

We are constantly reminded about the concerning statistics around technology use (did you know that in Australia, 13.4 million Australians are now spending 18.8 hours per day online), the pace of change – new apps, new sites, new devices, and technologies association with existing and new mental and physical health conditions and social media tragedies.

On the flip side, we also know that technology can have amazing benefits and will continue to enhance our lives in ways we are yet to understand.

Is it time for a digital detox?

If you feel like you or your're family are losing grip with the real world - real world interactions, conversations, activities - how about booking into an Unplugged Camp and come away with some strategies and techniques on how to have a healthy relationship with technology.

The Unplugged Camp is one initiative from The Digital Detox project, which aims to create space away from the everyday which is fun, challenging, inclusive and activity based. The Unplugged Camp for Families gives families the opportunity to take time out to create and embed helpful technological boundaries, re-establish family connections, develop a more in-depth understanding of the interface between technology and human behaviour and have fun!

Our relationship with our family is our first, often most enduring, relationship so perhaps we should give ourselves the gift of family connection at a camp before re-connecting in a new and healthier way on our return to our busy, data-driven lifestyle

Who would be most likely enjoy the camp?

Families with children (the sweet spot is 7-15 years) who are looking for an opportunity to pack the digital devices away for a weekend (parents included!) and re-discover the outdoors as a family in a outdoor education environment without the tents, the packing and unpacking, or cooking but with all the activities to stay busy or chill out.

About the Digital Detox Project

The Digital Detox Project aspires to transform our communities’ relationship with technology. We support our community to create space in and away from the everyday, to foster awareness of what is important and the interplay between this and our use of technology. We share empowering and pragmatic ways to make conscious choices as to how we want to live our lives, connect with our families and lead our businesses.

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