Do you feel distracted & overloaded in today's 24/7 world?

Are you anxious or restless when separated from your phone?

Do you believe your team can reach greater heights with improved attention, creativity and resilience?

Do you fear the impact unhealthy technology use and social media are having on children and teens development and relationships?

While we can't live without technology we believe that we

can learn how to create a healthy relationship with it and thrive.

Unplug from Technology

Connect with Life 


At the Digital Detox Project, we combine ancient wisdom with contemporary learnings from neuroscience, cyber-psychology and experiential learning techniques & activities, to help you, your family and the communities and organisations you live and work in, to be more productive, creative, healthier and agile in todays fast paced digital world.  

Prestine Jungle retreat

The Digital Detox Project runs public camps for families and will tailor a workshop or retreat to meet your personal or organisational intentions. These will have the analogue activities, quality facilitation and on-going learning experiences to support you through the challenges of  embedding your digital detox and mindfulness practice into your daily life and workplace.





With a proven biological benefit to both body and mind, mindfulness practices and yoga are a practical and active way to build the "FOCUS" muscle to enable clarity and insight and create space to make conscious choices regarding our digital wellness. A choice we can make each time we reach for our smart phone or choose between a digital or analogue interaction .




Whether it is an experiential workshop for parents & teens, an inspiring speaker for year groups in schools or an Unplugged Camp, the Digital Detox Project will deliver a very unique experience that will have a sustainable impact on your students, families or organisation.  We own participants to create and maintain an integrated culture of balance; so the Project does not end when

we say farewell.


We all know how it can be to change our habits. At the Digital Detox Project, we stick by you to support and embed the personal or organisational change you seek. This is achieved through on-going coaching for individuals, workshop series and The DDP Connection for those who wish to foster human connection and shared experience in building sustained and holistic change.


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Enquire or register interest in our upcoming "Unleash your Cyber Superpower"  Talk for Teens, Camp Unplugged for Families, Workshops or about tailoring a program to meet your individual, school or corporate needs. 

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